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Transforming Your Home Is Dirt Simple !

Plastering your home with natural materials is a remarkably empowering, rewarding and healthy experience, transforming your walls into beautiful centerpieces in your home!

With this DVD, let us show you the tactile sights and sounds of natural plastering so that you will be able to use affordable, local and non-toxic materials to undertake any type of natural plastering project.


Why This DVD Now ?

The use of natural plasters has been a key part of most of the world’s vernacular architecture, creating spaces unique to their creators. But in the last century our culture has lost touch with this essential part of making a home.

Over the past decade, natural builders have spent vast amounts of time and energy re-learning these ancient recipes and skills, and adding a modern sensibility to traditional plasters.

You can benefit from all the work this community of builders has undertaken to develop natural plasters into a feasible, realistic option for any kind of building in any kind of climate.

Why Is This Important To You ?

If your house has walls, you’ve got the ideal scenario for using natural plaster!

You can learn to use natural, sustainable materials and hand craft them into exquisite, healthy, affordable and durable walls with your own two hands instead of using industrially manufactured and often toxic materials.

Whether you’re a professional builder or an inexperienced homeowner, the ability to work with natural plasters is within your means.

This DVD will give you everything you need to approach a wide range of natural plastering projects, from applying thick, structural plasters on new walls to applying thin finish coats on existing walls.


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